Discover Central China


The perfect destination for travelers seeking rich history, diversified culture and nature, Central China is where the ancient Xi’an, Gansu, Qinghai and Shanxi provinces are situated. It’s the birthplace of many significant events that have transformed China in to the country it is today. Be fascinated by the magnificent and famous Terracotta Warriors, Buddhist temples, Longmen Grottoes, Muslim quarters, ancient city wall and an abundance of historical sights. Of course a trip here isn’t complete without visiting the great commercial hub of Shanghai. It’s a cosmopolitan cluster of high-rise buildings, excellent shopping, nightlife and museums that attracts travelers from all corners of the globe.


A tour of this legendary city is high on the bucket list for many travelers, and a true gem for any history buffs eager to unveil it’s incredible history. Unmissable places include the awe-inspiring Terracotta Warriors - the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century, Big Wild Goose Pagoda - an ancient holy Buddhist building, the Hui Grand Mosque - one of China’s oldest mosques and options to cycle around the spectacular City Wall - China’s most ancient city wall that symbolizes Xian. Full day excursions also include trips to Mount. Huashan to soak in the beautiful mountain scenery or Longmen Grottoes displaying impressive Chinese Buddhist art.


One of the more underdeveloped provinces in China, Gansu which lies on the upper Yellow River is home to marvelous ancient sites including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Marvel as you take a tour along the Silk Road and discover a province with an eclectic mix of ethnic minority groups and cultural community. Enjoy beautiful glacial and desert landscapes as you explore the famous Mogao Grottoes along the ancient Silk Road, the largest cave home to beautiful Buddhist art, the Jiayuguan Pass and Labrang Monastery.

Qinghai and Amdo

Although often overlooked- the unspoiled, wild natural beauty of Qinghai is a wonderful destination to explore the province’s traditions and unique history. The large province occupies the northeast region of the Tibetan plateau and represents diverse ethnic communities such as Tibetan, Mongol, Muslim and Tu. Within Qinghai lies the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo - where 25% of the Tibetan population reside. Marvel at picturesque views of barren landscapes, important monasteries, rolling hills, yaks and nomads.


Situated west of Taihang Mountain and east of the Yellow River, Shanxi is well known for being one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilizations. Discovering it’s long, fascinating history, tradition and culture will take you to ancient cities, temples, museums and caves. The province is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, significant cultural structures and natural wonders attracting many visitors from all over China.