Discover East China


Being the significant economic hub of China and home to one of the world’s greatest cities, Shanghai, eastern china is a must-visit destination while traveling in this part of the world. With its rich, fascinating past and incredibly fast-paced modernization, east China is fascinating with much to explore. This includes the great Yangtze river, flourishing scenery, ancient villages and beautiful tea fields at Fujian, charming Hangzhou and Suzhou, the modern island of Taiwan as well as of course the high-rise metropolitan Shanghai.


Shanghai is the financial hub of China, its largest, cosmopolitan city and unique blend of Western and Chinese culture. Visiting Shanghai takes you through a whirlwind of fine cuisine and trendy bars, the world’s tallest skyscrapers, luxury shopping and it’s famous waterfront promenade. Enjoy an unforgettable experience climbing to the top of the Pearl Tower, embarking on a Huangpu Cruise, or even taking a vintage sidecar journey exploring the cities peaceful side streets.

Hangzhou and Suzhou

Hangzhou and Suzhou are some of China’s most charming and picturesque cities. Soak in beautiful views on a boat trip over Hangzhou’s peaceful West Lake, a secluded Zen retreats such as Lingyin Temple, stunning parks and tea plantations. Suzhou offers local rickshaw rides through old streets and bustling markets, the harmonious Humble Administrator's Garden famed for it’s unique design, and boat trips along the cities flowing ancient Grand Canal.

Water Towns

A trip to Shanghai wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the contrast in its near by rustic and charming water towns. A trip to Zhujiajiao and Qibao offers traditional sampan rides through the canals and highlighted spots - Kezhi Garden, Tongtianhe Chinese Pharmacy and the Humanistic Museum. Similarly, experience Tongli with its fifteen streams dividing the town into 7 islands and 49 historic bridges. A boat ride along the waterways is a wonderful way to explore the unique canal lifestyle.

Yellow Mountain and Anhui Villages

China’s Yellow Mountain is one of China’s most striking mountainous regions, named after the legendary Yellow Emperor (Huang Di). It’s no wonder that thousands of travelers flock to this World Heritage Site within Anhui province to enjoy it’s Buddhist temples and natural scenery. For the keen photography this region will not disappoint, or for the adventure traveler, activities include hiking the many luscious trails before taking a relaxing dip in natural hot springs.


The province of Fujian lies on China’s southeastern coast and is well known for being one of the first provinces to have foreign trade. It attracts visitors for its very culturally diverse cities, stunning mountains, rich history and bustling food markets. Discover all the attractions Fujian has to offer by embarking on a trip to Quanzhou, exploring its many museums or taking a photography workshop as you capture all your favorite moments in this wonderful coastal region.


A must-see destination in China is the small island of Taiwan, a modern nation home to some of the world’s best food markets and delicacies, dramatic natural scenery, Chinese art and hot springs. Taiwan’s high-tech capital city, Taipei draws visitors for its famed Tapei 101 skyscraper, entertaining nightlife and lively street-food markets. To escape city life, active traveler can also enjoy hikes or mountain expeditions through the region's magnificent mountain ranges, hot springs and lush national parks. Taiwan certainly has it all.