Discover South China


Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Guanxi are some of China’s beautiful southern regions well known for majestic mountains, fantastic cuisine and a place to relax and enjoy breath-taking scenery. Welcome the fresh air and sea breeze in these cities as you enjoy the contrast from the buzzing more cosmopolitan cities.


Yunnan is truly a charming, beautiful destination offering luscious jungles, mountains, rice fields, villages and is noted for being a very culturally diversified region. The more traditional way of life here is peaceful and simplistic, where ethnic tribes wear colorful traditional dress and enjoy local traditions. Enjoy excursions to traditional villages, meander through local farms and of course the picturesque Ailao mountains. A visit to Yunnan will no doubt mesmerize, fascinate and charm you all at once.


They say Sichuan takes shape in many forms. Surrounded by sacred mountains, the traditional countryside scenery attracts visitors due to its attractive villages, rugged cliffs with Buddhist carvings and dazzling-blue lakes to the north. It is also celebrated for its cuisine and of course the much loved giant panda. Sichuan is a magical place to visit for every kind of traveler eager to discover unique culture and nature.


Guizhou is a mountainous region renowned for its traditional villages and home to many of China’s ethnic minorities with an abundance of folk customs and culture to unveil. Visitors can enjoy its special delicacies such as Qian cuisine, distinctive culture and range of historical relics. In addition, take part in day trips to the fantastic 75m high Huangguoshu Waterfall - China’s largest waterfall, or Zhijindong Cave displaying fascinating karst topography.


This autonomous region bordering Vietnam offers spectacular natural beauty in the way of an extensive web of caves, gushing rivers and karst formations. It is noted for its large minority population, specifically the Zhuang group who are known for enjoying live singing and dancing. Visitors can enjoy their spectacular festivals, costumes and traditions. Guangxi is certainly a special, memorable destination to visit.


Hunan is another region acclaimed for its beautiful, secluded natural scenery combining mountains with water and its rugged karst landscape. There are an abundance of hiking opportunities in this region such as the striking Wulingyuan mountain region or the magnificent national park, Zhāngjiājiè. Or alternatively meander through the quiet villages and charming towns, meeting locals and absorbing the picturesque views at every turn.