Discover West China


Being relatively off the typical tourist trail, the beautiful cities of Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai within western China comprise of vast and varied remote landscapes as well as people and culture. A visit to the west brings a unique and magical experience unlike any other part of China. Imagine discovering the mystical and unique Tibet offering breathtaking hiking opportunities and views of the world’s highest peaks, and the strikingly atmospheric Xinjiang, also a key part of the Silk Road.


Discovering the magic of Xinjiang will be a trip you won’t soon forget. From the picturesque eastern mountains of Urumqi, which contrast with the stunning, atmospheric desert destination of Turpan - a symbolic region of the Silk Road and second-deepest depression in the world. Next, soak in the stunning views of Karakul Lake, surrounded by snow-peaked mountains at high altitude. Nearby is the ancient city Kashgar of the Han dynasty - the perfect example of traditional Islam.


Wonderfully remote, mystical and spiritual, Tibet is truly an unforgettable travel destination. With such unique landscapes at high altitude, breathtaking scenery of the world’s highest mountain peaks, beautiful monasteries and incredibly hospitable people, it’s no wonder that the charm of Tibet casts such an impacting spell on travelers. For the adventure traveler, Tibet offers unique treks though dazzling blue lakes, nomad villages, rugged mountains such as Everest Base camp and remote deserts.